Personal Loan for your Home

Your house is probably the one of the most important items in your life. A place where you spend time with your family, a place of great joy and memory. It’s also a place where you invest in and keep on improving it. It’s extremely important to figure out all the different options available for financing your home improvement projects. Whether you plan on paying cash or financing with a lender, we can help you make the correct decision.

Whether for your simple home repairs, remodeling, purchasing new kitchen appliances, installing a new sprinkler system or buying basic furniture then a personal loan will help you to finance any improvements in your house.

Taking part in a home improvement loan will bring you happiness in having a home and could increase your home value. You will not have to deplete your home equity with a sloppy second mortgage, personal loans are the solution.

Supplier Partnership

Whether making small or major repairs, adding an extension or renovating your bathrooms, personal loans are the best method to finance your home renovations. Applying is easy and once you are approved, the loan will be funded and you will be able to start the home improvements with the money you receive from us.

With our supplier partnership program, we can facilitate the process of the home service you need. You can view the list of partners we deal with in our resources page. We can even get you a better deal with your supplier. For example, one of our customers needed to install a new smart sprinkler system in their lawn. We facilitated the agreement between our customer and Sprinkler Bros and the customer ended up getting the perfect sprinkler system at a price they would not obtain otherwise and with instant approval on their home improvement loan.

Benefits Of Home Improvement Loan

The benefits of a home renovation personal loan are the following:

  • A personal loan is considered unsecured. Meaning that it’s different than line of credit or an equity loan where you are not required to use another asset as collateral.
  • Home improvement loans have fixed rates with a predetermined payment structure. You will know exactly how much you need to pay on a monthly basis rather compared to a credit card.
  • Home renovation loans can improve your home’s market value without bleeding out the equity in your house.
  • Extremely flexible. The personal loan can be used for any home improvement in your house.